Harp Notes Society

As a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation, The Midwest Harp Academy seeks your financial support to provide live programs and education opportunities that we apprise to present.  The current programs that are funded throught he Academy are the  The Midwest Harp Festival, Guest Artists, and the Help a Harp Fund for financially challenged students’ harp maintenance and repair.  We have also provided other events that involve hands-on harp involvement with the community and edicational opportunities with the public schools.  We also have several ensemble groups that perform regularly to benefite the elderly, other non-profit groups, and the general Tulsa community.

The Harp Notes Society consists of monetary and In-Kind sponsorship donors.  To become a member, we welcome checks made out to the Midwest harp Academy, sent to Midwest Harp Academy, 711 S. Allegheny Ave., Tulsa, OK.  74112



Harmonic (up to $25)


Denise Daros-Voseles

Michael Duff

Judy Gillaspie

Cynthia Naff

Royce W. and Barbara D. Olsen

Jerry and Vicki Smith

Janet Thomas

Joan Wilkinson

Scale ( $26 – $50)

Cynthia Carr

Jean Root

Faye Seeman

Chord ( $51 – $99)

Janis Burger

Ruth Giessen

Arpeggio ( $100 – $499)


Sean and Susanna Berzas

Stacia Bevan

Mary Bircher

Rex L. Bowen II

Michael C. and Lana G. Evans

Ronald and Barabara Grossman

DeAnn Harris

Sean and June Jacoway

Elizabeth Richter

Jean Root

Dr. Cyndi J. Lepley

Rodrigo and Piere Mariano

Gerald G. Stamper

Richard and Ann Winkler

Glissando ($500 – $999)



Sam and Lorelei Barton

Debbie and Michael Thornberry

Flux ($1000 and above)

John and Ronda Spears

Lou and Connie Miller Charitable Foundation

The Tulsa Community Foundation


Amazon Smile

Harp Vendors

Lyon and Healy West – Salt Lake City

       Lyon and Healy Harps – Chicago

Melody’s Traditional Music – Houston

Vanderbilt Music – Bloomington

Other Local  Sponsors

Hyechka Music Club of Tulsa ( Arpeggio)

In-Kind Local Sponsors

Christ United Methodist Church

Lynn Jones

The University of Tulsa

We are a proud member of 

The Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa

The Oklahoma Arts Council